Report Card Comments & Phrases—Social Studies

Make the most of your report card writing time using these suggested comments and phrases for social studies. Appropriate for all grade levels, they can be edited or modified for particular students or classroom scenarios.

Report Card Comments & Phrases—Social Studies


  • _______ demonstrates a solid understanding of social studies concepts at this grade level.

  • _______ has worked hard in social studies this quarter. However, her progress has been slower than I would have liked. Can we meet to discuss some helpful strategies?

  • _______ enjoys learning about and discussing current topics and events.

  • At this point, _______ has successfully mastered the basic social studies concepts for this grade level.

  • _______ has developed a strong knowledge of U.S./World history.
  • _______ has struggled with tests and quizzes, especially history and geography. Please help _______ work on this before all tests and quizzes.

  • _______ is having trouble with many of the basic skills in social studies. Can we meet to discuss some helpful strategies?

  • _______ is able to easily relate history to current events and think critically about connections between them.

  • _______ turns in thoughtful, well-researched papers and assignments.
  • _______ has developed a strong knowledge of U.S./World/regional/local geography.
  • _______ has struggled with memorizing and recalling important dates/events/concepts. Please help _______ work on this nightly.
  • The quality of _______'s social studies homework is inconsistent. His/her grade would improve with more consistent effort on these assignments.
  • _______ needs more practice on map skills.
  • _______ is skilled at performing research with primary and secondary sources.
  • _______ frequently helps classmates with concepts, not answers.
  • _______ really enjoys learning about history makes extra effort to be attentive and focused in class.
  • _______ is active in class discussions and group activities.
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  • _______ has difficulty retaining social studies concepts, vocabulary, and historical information.

  • _______ understands and can identify basic social structures (communities, families, and jobs).

  • _______ enjoys working with maps and learning about new places.

  • _______ understands and uses basic social studies concepts and vocabulary to ____.

  • _______ is still struggling with social studies tests and quizzes.

  • _______ understands and can apply basic concepts of economics and commerce.

  • _______ understands and applies math, science, and language arts concepts and skills in social studies class.

  • _______ can perform basic research and apply learning to social studies assignments and activities.

  • _______ can identify and name U.S./World/regional/local countries/capitals/cities/towns/landmarks on a map.

  • _______ works well with other students to complete group social studies activities.

  • _______ understands basic civics, government, and law concepts.

  • _______ is beginning to memorize the _______.

  • _______ has strong knowledge of U.S/World/regional/local history.

  • _______ still needs strengthening in the concept of _______.

  • _______ struggles with retaining and recalling dates, events, places, and other facts and figures.

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