The Garden of Abdul Gasazi Enrichment Activities

In Chris Van Allsburg's The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, the dog who protagonist Alan is supposed to be watching runs off and gets lost in the garden of a former magician.
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Internet Resources

Chris Van Allsburg Official Website
Grade Levels: All
A website dedicated to the work of Chris Van Allsburg -- including an author bio, a timeline of books, and interactive games.

Grade Levels: All
Topiary is the ancient art of trimming hedges into brilliant shapes. Learn more about this art and see some fantastic pictures at this site.

Word Find Puzzle
Grade Levels: All
Use this site to create a word find puzzle with vocabulary words from The Garden of Abdul Gasazi.

Books by Chris Van Allsburg

Bad Day at Riverbend, 1995
Ben's Dream, 1982
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, 1979
Jumanji, 1981
Just a Dream, 1990
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, 1984
The Polar Express, 1985
The Stranger, 1986
Swan Lake, 1989
The Sweetest Fig, 1993
Two Bad Ants, 1988
The Widow's Broom, 1992
The Wreck of the Zephyr, 1983
The Wretched Stone, 1991
The Z Was Zapped, 1987
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