Chris Van Allsburg, Author & Illustrator: Guides to His Books

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    The Polar Express Train Track Reading Log

    Encourage daily reading with this train track reading log. Kids can help th... read more


    The Polar Express Stationery

    Use this reproducible stationery to write about The Polar Express. Encourag... read more


    The Polar Express Maze

    Help the boy from The Polar Express navigate this maze to find his silver b... read more


    Let's Play "The Conductor Says!"

    In this version of Simon Says, the Conductor is in charge. Use this game to... read more


    The Polar Express Pajama Reading Kit

    Host a pajama reading party for The Polar Express during the Christmas seas... read more


    Christmas Snowball Cookie Recipe

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    Make Your Own Reindeer Craft

    Make a reindeer craft from wooden craft sticks. The steps for this DIY holi... read more


    Make Your Own Popcorn Garland Craft

    Follow these steps to make your own popcorn garland. It makes a beautiful d... read more


    Christmas Carols

    Tis the season for caroling. Get singing with printable Christmas sheet mus... read more


    Hot Chocolate Recipe

    Follow this recipe to make your own homemade hot chocolate. Students will e... read more


    Stationery for a Letter to Santa

    Encourage kids to write a letter to Santa on this reproducible stationery. ... read more


    Chocolate Nougat Caramel Squares Recipe

    Follow this recipe to bake decadent chocolate nougat caramel squares. Enjoy... read more


    Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Recipe

    Transform sugar cookie dough into peppermint candy cane treats for Christma... read more


    Zathura: A Space Adventure Event Kit

    Host a Zathura reading event in your classroom or school library. This even... read more


    Storytelling Through Art

    Teach sequence and storytelling skills with this activity. Students will cr... read more


    The Wreck of the Zephyr Teacher's Guide

    Consider the use of voice and the idea of ambiguity with your class as stud... read more