Simple STEAM Suggestions


Bring Science,Technology, Engineering, Art and Math into the classroom with these fun, cross-curricular projects for elementary students.

This collection of 5 detailed and easily adaptable STEAM activities are the perfect way to introduce new topics in a hands-on and exciting way. Students will enjoy being creative while learning, problem solving and collaborating!

What's Included:

  • Teaching instructions with notes on materials, preparation and modeling
  • Student instructions and worksheets for completing the activities

Project Activities:

  • Symmetry Silhouettes combine math, science and art, and are perfect for teaching geometry and life science lessons. Have a variety of tempera paint available in all kinds of colors with plenty of brushes. Fold paper in half and create a design on one side. Quickly close the paper so that the paint transfers onto the other side of the paper and experiment by tapping, rubbing, or pressing the paint. Each method will create different textures and finishes. Open the creation and point out the areas of symmetry
  • Planet Painting pairs together science and art, combining color theory and astronomy lessons. Using reference photos of the planets, create drawings, depicting different color and texture details. Using a variety of watercolor paints, mix and layer colors to accurately represent the planets!
  • Egg Dying brings science and art together, utilizing concepts like the scientific method. Materials can include rubber bands, tin foil, ribbon, crayons, markers and more. Hard boil the eggs, and have extras on hand. Create a premixed dye, combining vinegar and dye tabs or food coloring. Let the solution sit to ensure rich and vibrant colors. Use technology to research unique ways to dye the eggs. Sketch design plans and chart hypotheses before beginning the dying process. Test out different methods of dying and record the results!
  • And more!
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