Birthday Buddies

Students will prepare research projects about a famous person who shares their birthdate.
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Lesson (936)

Biography (310)

  • Students will find a famous person who shares his/her birthdate.
  • Students will gather information about his/her Birthday Buddy.
  • Students will present an oral report to the class.
  • Students will prepare a written report.
  • Reference book
  • Internet access
  • Art materials
  1. Students will find a famous person who shares their birthdate by looking on

  2. Decide, with the students, the important facts to gather about a person's life (birthplace, year of birth, education, accomplishments, etc.) A teacher-made fact sheet outline will help students to organize their work.

  3. Students will gather information on their Birthday Buddies by using Internet sites that are similar to

  4. Students will prepare a written and oral presentation.

  5. Students will share their work with the class.
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