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Birthday Buddies

Students will prepare research projects about a famous person who shares their birthdate.
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  • Students will find a famous person who shares his/her birthdate.
  • Students will gather information about his/her Birthday Buddy.
  • Students will present an oral report to the class.
  • Students will prepare a written report.
  • Reference book
  • Internet access
  • Art materials
  1. Students will find a famous person who shares their birthdate by looking on Infoplease.com.

  2. Decide, with the students, the important facts to gather about a person's life (birthplace, year of birth, education, accomplishments, etc.) A teacher-made fact sheet outline will help students to organize their work.

  3. Students will gather information on their Birthday Buddies by using Internet sites that are similar to http://www.infoplease.com/people.html.

  4. Students will prepare a written and oral presentation.

  5. Students will share their work with the class.