A Back-to-School Conversation


  • Students will begin building relationships with the teacher and their classmates.


  • Healthy snacks (ie. grapes, loaf of tasty bread, pretzels, mini-marshmallows)


  1. The first day of school, sit with your students in a circle and tell them a little bit about yourself.
    Draw students in by sharingthings about yourself they'd want to know--like if you've gone skydiving or lived any place unusual.
  2. Next, open the space up for informal introductions and a free-flowing discussion.

  3. It's not difficult to get everyone engaged, but if the conversation stalls try one of these questions:

    • Has anyone had a great time at asporting event?
    • A terrible time?
    • What's your favorite movie and why?
    • What is your least favorite food?

  4. Pass around the grapes or bread or mini-marshmallows and try to create an atmosphere in which the children feel welcome, feel like they belong, and feel like their teacher genuinely cares about them.

Doing something this "un-classroom-like" the first day grabs the students' attention and eases their worries.

Foster trust in the classroom through this first day of school activity.
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