Classroom Introductions


  • Students will know you better.
  • Students will be welcomed to your class and given an idea of what they will be doing during the year.
  • Students share some personal information about themselves orally.
  • Students will learn about each others' interests and families.


  • At the beginning of the year, ask students to bring in a lunch bag filled with no more than five objects that they would like to share with the class, e.g. pictures of their family, something that shows a hobby or free-time activity, something special about their family, an award they have won, a part of a collection, or a favorite book.
  • The teacher should also prepare a bag with personal items for presentation.


  1. Gather the class together and share the contents of your bag first to model what might be said and explained in a presentation.
  2. Giving the students a time limit (like three minutes), students each present their items. Questions may be asked to spark more conversation and interest.
  3. Briefly explain to the class a few of your major objectives for the year.
Introduce yourself to your students and discuss year long objectives. Students also introduce themselves to each other.
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