Choice Boards

Choice Boards

Choice Boards

Choice boards allow teachers to differentiate instruction by supporting students in making choices that align with their learning needs and preferences. Access our library of choice boards below.


What are Choice Boards?

A choice board is a tool that provides students with the opportunity for choice in their learning. It provides multiple ways that students can explore a topic or skill and demonstrate their learning.

Choice boards differ from graphic organizers, which typically have one assignment. Choice boards also help teachers differentiate their instruction, as they can support students to make a choice that best aligns with their learning needs and learning preferences.

Holiday Choice Boards

These seasonal choice boards contain fun ideas to teach your students about different holidays throughout the year!

Math Choice Boards

Use these math choice boards to differentiate instruction in math class. They include some fun seasonal activities that connect math to different holidays. 

Social Studies Choice Boards

Teach your students about colonial times, the Titanic, the history of Thanksgiving, and more with these social studies choice boards!

Science Choice Boards

Our science choice boards are great options for teaching students about the weather, plants, and Earth Day!

English Language Arts Choice Boards 

Differentiate your English class instruction with these language arts choice boards! 

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