Character Trait Activities - Choice Board for Grades 3-5


Explore character traits with your upper elementary students and build their writing skills with this choice board of character trait activities. This selection of fun activities, with ready-to-use worksheets, helps students explore different ways to create and write about characters.

These activities are great for learning centers, as extension or early-finisher activities, or take-home independent practice work.

This choice board includes 9 character traits activities to build writing skills and accompanying worksheets for every activity.

Students can choose from activities like:

Positive Paul

Create a character named Positive Paul and give him four positive character traits from the list. Then, write a short scene where Positive Paul must stay happy, no matter what!

Emotional Emojis

Using the list of emotional character traits, design a series of three new emojis that showcase those emotions. Then, choose one emoji to write a short scene featuring that emotion.

Super Traits

Create a superhero that has three traits that make them super. Then, draw a short comic strip featuring your new hero that shows how they developed their superpowers.
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