Groundhog Day Math and Writing Choice Board for Elementary Grades

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These Groundhog Day activities for elementary students are perfect for teaching about an annual winter ritual, the Punxsutawney Phil Groundhog Day ceremony.

They are great as extension or early-finisher activities, or given as take-home independent practice work.

This packet includes a choice board of 9 Groundhog Day activities, plus all of the links and Groundhog Day printables needed to complete the activities.

Students can choose from activities like:

Runaway Groundhog

Pretend that you are Punxsutawney Phil. Imagine that you are tired of being told to come out and check your shadow, so you escape your pen! Describe your day on the run. Use many adjectives and details about your day of freedom. Put your story in your writing journal.

Groundhog Report

Use Fact Monster to learn different facts about the groundhog. Create a report that explains where groundhogs live, what they eat, and their size. Add 3 interesting facts as well. Draw a large picture/diagram of a groundhog and label its main parts. Attach it to your report.

Groundhog Probability

Will the groundhog see his shadow? Play a probability game to find out! Write the word “yes” on one strip of paper, and “no” on another. Put the strips of paper inside a paper bag. Shake up the bag and pull out a strip. Make tally marks for every “yes” and “no.” Pick from the bag 15 times. Make a bar graph of your outcomes. The outcome that was picked the most will be the answer to your question!

Download the packet for the rest of the student choice activities!

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