Summer Reading Choice Board for Elementary Grades

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Pair your summer reading lists with this 9-activity choice board of fun summer reading activities for elementary students. Each activity combines a fun project or challenge with a reading or comprehension skill to help keep students engaged in their summer reading while retaining instruction from the previous year.

If you are giving summer reading assignments to your outgoing or incoming elementary students this year, these activities can easily be completed independently and collected on the first day of school. This choice board even includes a Summer Reading Record that students (and you) can use to track their progress through a summer reading list.

Want to add some organization to a summer reading program? Pair this choice board with our Summer Reading Calendar and Resource Packet for grades K-5.

Students can choose from reading skill-building activities like:

Sight Word Walk

Take a walk or bike ride around your community with an adult. Look for sight words on signs, businesses, etc. Stop at each word that you see and read each sight word out loud. Can you find at least 10 words on your outdoor adventure?

Past, Present, Future Toss

Play catch with an adult using some kind of ball. The adult will call out a verb and toss the ball to you. Guess if the verb is being used in past, present, or future tense before throwing it back.

Cause and Effect Clippings

Cut a picture out of an old magazine. Paste it on a posterboard. Decide what is happening in the picture and write it down. Also decide if it’s showing a cause or effect. If it’s showing a cause, come up with an effect for the picture, or vice versa.

Download the choice board for the rest of the fun skill-building summer reading activities.

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