Scientific Observations Worksheets and Choice Board

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Help students learn how to apply the scientific method and develop their observation skills with this choice board of hands-on science experiments and activities.

Perfect for general science lessons, early-finisher and extension activities, or take-home tasks. Choose from 9 activities that can be completed around the school grounds or in the classroom, and easily adapted to try at home. For each activity, students have a printable recording sheet template for their observations, and for making predictions and inferences.

Looking for more ideas to support teaching elementary science? Check out these 10 Easy Science Experiments for Kids, or browse our full collection of educational resources for science to discover lesson plans, graphic organizers, and printables to support teaching earth science, life science, general science, and more.

What’s Included?

  • Science observation worksheets - templates for recording observations, predictions, findings, and inferences
  • Clear step-by-step instructions for students
  • Choice of 9 hands-on science activities.

Choose From Science Activities Like:

Leaf Transpiration - Set up your leaf transpiration experiment. It works best in the sunshine!

OBSERVE: Write down and draw your observations. INFER: Write down why you think this happened. PREDICT: What do you think would happen if the bag was left for longer?

Moon Watch - Watch the moon for seven days. Before you start, predict what you think it will look like.

OBSERVE: Write down and draw your observations. INFER: Write down why you think this happened. PREDICT: At the end, predict what you think the moon will look like for the next seven days.

Mighty Magnets - Find a magnet in your classroom.

OBSERVE: Describe the surfaces the magnet attaches to. INFER: Why does the magnet attach better to some surfaces than others? PREDICT: Make a prediction about five other surfaces around the classroom. Test and record the results!

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