Fourth of July Summer Activities for Middle School

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Combine Fourth of July celebrations with summer learning for your middle schoolers with this choice board of fun summer activities.

This printable choice board features 9 activities for middle school students that celebrate the Fourth of July. These hands-on activities are great for setting at-home learning over the summer break, for homeschooling, or for summer programs.

For more fun ways to continue learning over the summer months, browse our collection of summer learning activities, or our summer reading lists organized by grade level (perfect for reading programs).

Summer Learning Activities In This Choice Board

Choose from Fourth of July-themed summer activities that cover science, language arts, social studies, and more. Activities in this choice board include:

The Life of a Firework (Science)
Did you ever wonder how fireworks work? Research and read about it! Summarize what you learned by writing a short, informational paragraph. Don’t forget to use time order words when retelling each step!
Journal Like Jefferson (ELA)
Thomas Jefferson was brave and bold. Imagine you are him during the weeks leading up to signing the Declaration of Independence. Create at least 3 journal entries from his point of view.
My Flag (Social Studies)
Research the American flag. Design your own flag that represents who you are as a person and the values that you believe in.
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