Fourth of July Summer Learning Activities for Elementary Grades

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Looking for summer learning activities that celebrate the Fourth of July? Use this Fourth of July choice board for elementary students for a fun way to incorporate summer reading, writing, and math practice.

This printable includes a choice board menu of fun summer learning activities based on the Fourth of July celebrations. These simple and fun hands-on activities can be used for setting tasks to complete over the summer months, or for use in summer school or summer learning programs.

For more educational activities for summer break, browse our collection of fun summer learning activities, or our summer reading lists organized by grade level.

Summer Learning Activities In This Choice Board

Avoid the summer slide with fun activities that build math skills, as well as writing and reading skills over the summer vacation. Choose from activities like:

Fourth of July Fact Families (Math Activity)
Draw your favorite Fourth of July treat (hamburger, hot dog, strawberry shortcake, etc.). Inside of the image, create an addition/subtraction, or multiplication/division fact family with 3 numbers of your choice.
Fourth of July Word Walk (Language Arts Activity)
Brainstorm and write down a list of words that you think of when you hear “Independence Day.” Take a walk around your community with your family. Cross off each word that you see, hear, or find!
Recreate a U.S. Landmark (Social Studies Activity)
Choose an American historical landmark to learn more about (ex: Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell). Using materials you have around your home, recreate it!
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