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Encourage student reflection and celebrate success at the end of the school year with this choice board of fun end-of-year reflection questions and activities for elementary grades.

Those final weeks before summer break are the perfect opportunity to encourage self-reflection and help students to look back on the past year, and feel positive for the next year. Reflection doesn’t have to only consist of thinking and writing, so we’ve put together a selection of fun activities that encompass a range of formats for end-of-year reflection.

Activities for Reflection at the End of the Year

Learners can choose from 9 different end-of-year activities that encourage reflection. These include writing prompts, but also acrostic poetry writing, a math activity, and even party planning!

Each activity on the choice board has an accompanying worksheet with instructions for students. Use these activities for in-class reflection, or set for extension, early-finisher, or take-home work.

Choose From Activities Like:

  • Math Memories - You’ve learned a lot of math this school year. Write four math problems you wouldn’t have been able to solve last year. Have a partner figure out the answers.
  • Plan a Party - As we approach the end of the school year, plan a party with some of your favorite things from this year. Tell what foods we’ll eat, what music we’ll listen to, and what games we’ll play. Explain why you chose each one.
  • Truth or Lie? - See how well your classmates remember this school year. Write three true sentences about things that happened this year and one thing that isn’t true. See who can guess the lie.
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