Native American Heritage Math Choice Board for Middle School

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Native American Heritage Month is celebrated in November each year. These Native American Heritage Month student choice math activities for middle school are perfect for celebrating and learning about the history of North America's Indigenous people in your classroom!

These activities are great enhancements to a lesson on Native American history, as extension or early-finisher activities, or given as take-home independent practice work.

This packet includes a choice board of 9 Native American Heritage Month math activities plus all of the worksheets and printables needed to complete the activities.

Students can choose from activities like:

PEMDAS Pumpkin Pie

Read the article on Indigenous People and Pumpkins. Then work on using the order of operations to complete the PEMDAS Pumpkin Pie Puzzle.

Hopewell Geometry

Right angles were important to the Hopewell Tribe. They used them to create perfect octagon shapes in the earth by using right angles. Read about Hopewell culture here. Then, using a protractor, measure and draw right angles and use them to make perfect octagons.

Thanksgiving Weather

It’s speculated that the first Thanksgiving was a calm and sunny day. Use the internet to look up the weather for Plymouth, Massachusetts AND where you live for the last 10 years. Once you have collected the data, create a line graph.
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