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Celebrate Earth Day with these writing activities. Help students explore important environmental issues and different ways people can work to protect planet Earth while developing their writing skills.

Earth Day, on April 22nd, is a day for celebrating the planet and reminding ourselves why it’s so important to take care of the Earth. It’s a great opportunity to explore important issues with students, from climate change to air pollution, while developing their writing skills.

These creative writing prompts include opinion writing, speech writing, letter writing, and more. Students will assume the roles of different people who take interest in and work to help the environment including politicians, influencers, conservationists, wildlife experts, inventors, and environmental scientists. The writing activities for each role encourage students to think about ways we can tackle different environmental issues, from reusing, recycling, and reducing waste, to finding ways to use less water and energy, to protecting wildlife and respecting mother nature.

What’s Included

  • Choice board menu of 9 Earth Day writing prompts
  • Printable worksheets for each writing activity with templates
  • Directions for students plus extension activities.

How To Use This Printable

These student choice activities are perfect for setting up Earth Day-themed learning stations, and for early-finisher or take-home work. Students should select a role from the choice board menu that interests them, then respond to the creative writing prompt. Each writing activity has an accompanying worksheet with directions for students and an extension task with more writing ideas. The worksheets have templates that have been designed so that students’ answers can be displayed in the classroom or used to create a bulletin board.

Looking for more Earth Day activities and writing ideas for your middle schoolers? Combine these journal prompts with this Earth Day ELA choice board, or try this Earth Day reading passage and quiz to help students learn more about the history of Earth Day.

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