Hispanic Heritage Month Choice Board for Middle School


These Hispanic Heritage Month activities for middle school students are perfect for back to school or culture and diversity lessons and activities. They can also be assigned as extension or early-finisher activities, or given out as take-home or return-to-school independent practice.

This packet includes a choice board of 9 Hispanic Heritage Month activities and all of the complementary worksheets needed to complete them.

Students can choose from activities like:

Research and Map a Hispanic Country

Choose one of the Hispanic countries to learn more about. Use Infoplease or a search engine to find the list and do some research on the country you chose. On a poster paper, draw a map outline of the country, and fill its inside space with drawings of objects or people that represent this area. You may also use a magazine to cut out images in order to make a collage inside this space.

Practice Your Spanish

Choose 10 everyday items you use at home or school. Look up the Spanish word for each item and write it on a sticky note and attach it to the item. Spend one week using the Spanish word for each item whenever you use it.

A Day in the Life Of...

Complete the Famous Figures worksheet. Use Infoplease to learn more about each person. Choose one person you connect with the most and draw an item that most represents them, based on your research.
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