Memorial Day Activities for Elementary: Art and Writing Choice Board

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Incorporate the meaning of Memorial Day into students’ learning with these art and writing activities for elementary students.

This choice board of Memorial Day activities is designed to complement your classroom activities and lessons commemorating and honoring the American armed forces. The activities encourage students to find out more about why we celebrate Memorial Day and the importance of this national holiday. Use these Memorial Day printables in your language arts lessons. They're great for extension, early-finisher, or take-home tasks, or for setting up themed learning centers.

Looking for more Memorial Day resources, lesson plans, and printables? Try this Memorial Day coloring pages packet for Pre-K to elementary grades. This Memorial Day word search and this crossword puzzle are both popular for upper elementary and middle school grades.

What’s Included In This Printable?

This choice board includes a menu of 9 meaningful art and writing activities for Memorial Day. Each activity comes with a student worksheet with clear instructions, as well as writing prompts and templates. All the printables have been designed so they can be used for displays or bulletin boards.

Choose From Memorial Day Activities Like:

  • DECORATION DAY: Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day because people put decorations on the graves of soldiers who died. Draw a caring and respectful picture of the flowers, wreaths, and flags that would be put on the graves of the fallen heroes.
  • VENN DIAGRAM: Veterans Day and Memorial Day are both federal holidays honoring the men and women of the military, but have important differences. Read about each holiday, and make a Venn Diagram to show how they are the same and different.
  • CREATE AND SHARE A QUIZ: Research the history of Memorial Day. Write 4 questions about the holiday, and give them to a partner. See if your partner can answer the questions.
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