Memorial Day Choice Board for Middle School

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This Memorial Day choice board is flexible for use in class or as a remote learning resource. These reading, writing, and research activities for 6th through 8th grade are a great way to emphasize and reinforce the meaning of the holiday while giving your middle schoolers a chance to practice their language arts and social studies skills.

Students can choose from reading and writing activities like:

A Soldier’s Journal

Create at least 5 journal entries, pretending you are a soldier in one of the branches of the military. Date it accurately and describe what’s going on around you.

Why Poppies?

Research the significance of the poppy and Memorial Day. Design your own version of a poppy and list words or phrases that demonstrate what you learned from your research.

War Timeline

Research at least 8 wars that have taken place over the last 100 years. Create a timeline that illustrates what you have learned.

Download the choice board for the rest of the fun and easy Memorial Day activities for your classroom.

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