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Pair your summer reading lists with this 9-activity choice board of fun summer reading activities for high school students. Each activity combines a fun project or challenge with a reading or comprehension skill to help keep students engaged in their summer reading while retaining instruction from the previous year.

If you are giving summer reading assignments to your outgoing or incoming high school students this year, these activities can easily be completed independently and collected on the first day of school. This choice board even includes a Summer Reading Record that students (and you) can use to track their progress through a summer reading list.

Looking for summer reading list suggestions? Pair this choice board with our Summer Reading List for grades 9-12.

Students can choose from reading skill-building activities like:

Book Trailer or Video Review

Choose a book to read. When complete, create a book movie trailer that highlights the characters and plot of the story without giving away the ending! Or, make a review video for YouTube or TikTok where you convince others to read or not read the same book!

Research Roots

Choose at least 10 Greek or Latin root words. Write each one on a colorful sticky note and place it on a poster. When you come across a root word throughout your summer reading, write it on a sticky note and post it underneath its root.

Kahoot! Challenge

Set up a free Kahoot account. Design a Kahoot with a reading skill of your choice (inference, cause/effect, intonation, main idea), and share it with other students on social media to complete!

Download the choice board for the rest of the fun skill-building summer reading activities.

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