Spring Plants Choice Board for Elementary Grades

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These spring activities for elementary students, all about spring plants and flowers, will help your students review and apply what they know about plants!

This choice board is a great review for a unit on plants, perfect for classroom work or as take-home independent practice.

This packet includes a choice board of 9 spring plant themed activities, plus all of the links and Spring printables needed to complete the activities.

Students can choose from activities like:

Caring for a Plant

Research one of these plants: Rose, Hydrangea, Peony, Daffodil, Tulip. Use Fact Monster to research your plant. Be sure to look up information about when to plant it, how to care for it, and what kind of plant it is (annual, perennial). Draw your plant on a piece of paper. Create a care guide next to your drawing which shows all the information you learned.

Vocabulary Practice

Use these plant vocabulary cards to learn words that relate to plants. On the back of the card, draw a picture to show the meaning, and use each of the words correctly in a sentence.

Plant Variety Memory

Cut out two sets of the plants playing cards. You should have two pages to cut. Shuffle them and spread them out in equal rows and columns. Turn over two cards at a time. If they match, keep them and go again. If they are different, it is your partner’s turn to make a match.
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