Nonfiction Writing Unit Kit for Grades 3-5

nonfiction writing examples and activities for students
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A Complete Kit for Teaching Writing Skills and Exploring Nonfiction Writing with Grades 3-5

Equip your grade 3-5 students with the skills to write opinion pieces, newspaper reports, informative or explanatory texts and much more. This comprehensive teaching kit of nonfiction writing lesson plans has everything you need to build strong writers with no hassle, no prep, and no additional resources!

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

For the teacher:
  • Fully guided lesson plans with 44 accompanying teaching resources, including answer sheets
  • Lesson plans include warm-ups, main activities, assessment opportunities, extension activities and ideas for homework
  • Creative teaching ideas for 5 main non-fiction text types: instructions, recounts (newspaper), explanations, persuasion and non-chronological reports
  • Aligned with Common Core English Language Arts Standards

For the student:

  • Fun classroom resources to develop and practice writing skills
  • Opportunities for introducing, practicing and consolidating key grammar elements
  • Assessment sheet for each unit to monitor and assess students’ skills and knowledge
  • Classroom display ideas to showcase and support students’ learning journey

What You'll Find Inside

Section 1: Instructional Writing (pages 8-29)

  • Teaching Notes and Standards Alignment
  • Sequencing
  • Using Precise Language
  • Example: Shared Reading of a Recipe
  • Modeled Writing - The Introduction and Ingredients
  • Shared Writing - The Method
  • Assessment: Writing Instructions - A Recipe
  • Assessment Answer Key
  • Assessment: Sequencing - Writing Instructions
  • Activity: Writing a Preposition Poem
  • At-Home Activity: Preposition Hunt

Section 2: News Writing (pages 30-57)

  • Teaching Notes and Standards Alignment
  • What Are the Features of a Newspaper Report?
  • Grammar Focus - Using Adverbial Phrases
  • Shared Reading: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Planning a Newspaper Report
  • Modeled Writing: Orientation and Events
  • Role Play: Eyewitness and Personal Comment
  • Proofreading and Polishing
  • Assessment: Writing a Newspaper Article
  • Assessment: Features of a Newspaper
  • Answer Key: Features of a Newspaper
  • Activity: Using Adverbial Phrases
  • At-Home Activity: Adverbial Collector
  • Activity: Arranging the News with Labels
  • Answer Key: Arranging the News with Labels
  • Activity: Paragraph Planner
  • Answer Key: Paragraph Planner
  • Activity: Little Red Riding Hood Events Timeline
  • Activity: Eyewitness Interview Role Play

Section 3: Explanatory Writing (pages 58-82)

  • Teaching Notes and Standards Alignment
  • What is an Explanation?
  • Using the Present Perfect
  • Shared Reading
  • Modeled Writing
  • Modeled Writing Part 2
  • Assessment: Explanations
  • Answer Key: Explanations
  • Activity: Explanatory Writing Brainstorm
  • Activity: Cause and Effect Language Structures
  • Answer Key: Cause and Effect Language Structures
  • Home Learning Activity: Puzzling Questions
  • Adverbial Phrases (a)
  • Adverbial Phrases (b)
  • Activity: Paragraph Planner - Planning and Explanation
  • Home Learning Activity: The Subordinate Clause

Section 4: Persuasive Writing (pages 83-105)

  • Teaching Notes and Standards Alignment
  • How Are Persuasive Texts Constructed
  • Planning a Persuasive Text
  • Nouns and Noun Phrases
  • Modeled Writing - Persuasive
  • Activity: Modeled Writing
  • Assessment: Persuasive Writing
  • Example Text: Cinderella's Speech
  • Answer Key: Cinderella's Speech Assessment
  • Activity: Finding the Nouns and Pronouns
  • Activity: Modeled Writing - The First Reading
  • Answer Key: Modeled Writing - The First Reading
  • Activity: Can We Persuade You? Persuasive Techniques Checklist
  • Home Learning - Alliteration
  • Activity: Planning a Persuasive Speech

Section 5: Non-Chronological Reports (pages 106-129)

  • Teaching Notes and Standards Alignment
  • What Is a Non-Chronological Report?
  • Planning a Non-Chronological Report
  • Sentence Structure
  • Modeled Writing: Introduction and Appearance
  • Modeled Writing: Habitat, Diet, and Behavior
  • Assessment: Non-Chronological Reports
  • Answer Key: Non-Chronological Reports
  • Activity: Shared Reading
  • Answer Key: Shared Reading
  • Activity: Sort It Out
  • Activity: Sort It Out - Answer Key
  • Activity: Non-Chronological Report Fact File
  • Activity: Forming Sentences (includes teaching notes)
  • Activity: Top Trumps

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