Elementary Writing Teaching Kit

Elementary Writing Teaching Kit
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135 pages of elementary writing resources for teachers - strategies and advice from veteran teachers, graphic organizers for writing, writing pre-assessment and differentiation tools, student choice activities, and writing prompts you can use all year - this Teaching Kit has everything you need to teach elementary writing successfully from day one through end of year.

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

  • More than 30 graphic organizers for writing, all in one place, printable and ready to use
  • Advice and strategies for teaching writing from veteran teachers and writing instruction experts
  • Writing pre-assessment and types of writing differentiation strategies for elementary grades
  • Resources for expository, persuasive, and narrative writing, including a list of character traits
  • Rubrics, self-assessment, student inventory, and assessment tools
  • Student choice writing activities and writing prompts to use throughout the year
  • Prints in 8.5" x 11" portrait or landscape for easy reading and copying

Resources Featured In This Teaching Kit

  • Graphic Organizers for Writing: KWL Chart, Sequencing Map, Five-Paragraph Essay, Beginning-Middle-End, 5Ws and 1H Organizer, Story Elements, Clustering, Outlining, Citing My Sources, Story Pyramid, and more
  • Advice and Strategies: How I Teach Elementary Writing: Best Practices, 5 Steps to Better Outcomes, Writing Differentiation and Remediation Strategies for Elementary Grades, Strategies for Building Vocabulary
  • Writing Assessment: Rubrics for Expository, Narrative, Persuasive, and Expressive Writing, Writing Pre-Assessment for Grades 3-5, Writing Self-Assessment, Student Writing Inventory
  • Focused Writing Resources: Writing a Research Report, Character Traits Writing Activity, Activities for Building Vocabulary
  • Writing Prompts and Activities: Seasonal and holiday writing activities, student choice boards for writing, summer writing activities

What You'll Find Inside

Teaching Ideas and Best Practices for Teaching Elementary Writing (pages 3-20)

  • How I Teach Elementary Writing - Best Practices for Teaching Writing
  • How I Teach Writing: A Veteran Teacher’s 5 Steps for Better Outcomes

Writing Differentiation Strategies and Activities for Elementary Grades (pages 20-35

  • Teaching notes and advice
  • Let Me Be the Teacher Template
  • Step by Step Lesson Plan Outline
  • Writing Hooks Template
  • Writing the Introduction Guided Lesson Plan
  • Sensory Overload Template
  • Proofreading Checklist
  • Writing a Personal Narrative - Story Organizer

Elementary Writing Pre-Assessment for Grades 3-5(pages 36-41)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Writing Assessment Script
  • Writing Prompts
  • Scoring Guide for Correct Word Sequence

Elementary Writing Activities and Printable Rubrics (pages 42-59, 64-72)

  • Character Traits Writing Activity
  • Rubric for Expository Writing
  • Rubric for Expressive/Descriptive Writing
  • Rubric for Narrative Writing
  • Rubric for Persuasive Writing
  • Writing Rubric (Generic)
  • Writing Self-Assessment
  • Student Writing Inventory
  • Strategies and Activities for Buidling Vocabulary

Elementary Writing Graphic Organizers (pages 60-63, 73-96)

  • Writing Planning Graphic Organizer Set
  • Writing Organizer for Students
  • A Map to Organization Graphic Organizer
  • Beginning, Middle, End Graphic Organizer
  • Brainstorming Web Graphic Organizer
  • Citing My Sources Graphic Organizer
  • Clustering Graphic Organizer
  • Five-Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer
  • Five Sentence Paragraph Graphic Organizer
  • KWL Chart Graphic Organizer
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details Graphic Organizer
  • Outlining Graphic Organizer
  • Plot/Story Sequence Graphic Organizer
  • Story Pyramid Graphic Organizer
  • The Handy 5Ws and 1H Graphic Organizer
  • 2 Story Timeline Graphic Organizer
  • Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Graphic Organizer
  • 6 Writing a Research Report

Elementary Writing Choice Boards and Activities Packets(pages 97-135)

  • St. Patrick’s Day Writing Activities Packet
  • Easter Writing Prompts
  • Halloween Story Starter Cards Writing Activity
  • Halloween Writing Choice Board
  • Thanksgiving Writing Choice Board
  • Summer Writing Practice Choice Board
  • Vocabulary Choice Board
  • Writing Choice Board
  • 30 Tips for Teaching Writing at Home - Handout for Parents
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