Summer Writing Practice Choice Board for Elementary Grades

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These writing summer skill-building and retention activities for elementary students are perfect for summer writing camps, summer writing programs, for use in summer school, or for take-home summer writing practice. This summer writing packet includes a choice board of 9 skills-based summer writing prompts, activities, and a collection of complementary summer writing worksheets.

Students can choose from summer writing prompts like:

Pen a Pal

Write a friendly letter to a student from your class. Be sure to include all parts of the letter and share fun details about your summer.

Can We Please Get a Pool?

Do you want a pool this summer? Write a persuasive letter to your town or city convincing them to put one in! Use a graphic organizer and be sure to use at least 3 persuasive words or phrases throughout your writing.

How to Make a S'More

S’mores are a favorite summer treat. How do you like to make yours? Write a descriptive paragraph, outlining the steps you take-from starting a fire to building your favorite kind of s’more! Be sure to use time order words and plenty of details!

Download the choice board for the rest of the summer writing practice packet!

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