Writing Differentiation Strategies and Activities for Elementary Grades

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Remediate learning gaps this Fall with differentiated writing instruction

Use the 5 strategies, guided lesson plan, and activities in this resource for how to plan differentiated instruction for writing and implement it for your entire class. With a focus on meeting students "where they are" and designing writing instruction to close pandemic-related learning gaps and meet individual student needs, this practical and ready-to-use packet of strategies and tools will help you quickly and easily support students at all levels across the elementary grades.

Included in this resource are:

  • 5 strategies with tips on how to put them into practice
  • A guided lesson plan for breaking writing practice into easy steps
  • A sample lesson plan for writing a personal narrative
  • A student proofing worksheet for reinforcement of editing processes.

Some of the strategies featured include:

"Let me be the teacher"

Children love to teach us about topics that they are know well and are interested in. Provide students with an opportunity to write about a topic they already have a lot of knowledge about.

Forget about conventional correctness

Choosing to let students write without being concerned with correct capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling can yield great results. Guide students to write freely and worry about accuracy later.
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