End of the School Year Memories Project

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Create an end-of-the-school-year memory book with this ten-page project for elementary.

With the last day of school nearing and summer vacation right around the corner, this is the perfect activity to break out in those final days of class.

This packet is designed as a multi-page template packet for your students to create a ten-page memory book for themselves. This is the perfect time of year to create an opportunity for your students to reflect on their year of growth, celebrate moving on to the next grade, and share and have as a keepsake. These activities are ideal for sharing or presenting to the class before the last day of school as a celebration of your year together.

Included are two sets of worksheets, one with the student instructions directly on the pages, and one without. The instructions are listed below for you if you chose to use the direction-free memory book pages.

Memory Book Pages Include:

  • Page One: Think back on your year and write a memory for each month of the school year. Think about what you learned, special events, and holidays to help jog your memory!

  • Page Two: Write a thank you letter to someone who helped you this year. Include 2 reasons why you are thankful for them, descriptive adjectives, and an illustration. You could write to a teacher, friend, staff member, or family member.

  • Page Three: Write your goals for your summer and proud moments of the year.

  • Page Four: Fill in the left circle with things about you at the start of the year, and the right circle with how you have grown, changed, or things you have learned. In the middle circle, include things that stayed the same about you.

  • Page Five: Choose which you prefer and write one sentence explaining why.

  • Page Six: What do you hope to do this summer or what do you have planned? What does your dream summer look like?

  • Page Seven: Answer the following questions about your teacher and draw an illustration. Do your best work and give this to your teacher as a gift when finished.

  • Page Eight: Interview a friend and ask the following questions.

  • Page Nine: Fill in the following acrostic poem about summer, add one word or short phrase for each letter.

  • Page Ten: Have your friends sign your memory book.

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