End-of-the-Year Resources for Teachers & Students

Our end-of-the-year resources are a great way to keep your students engaged in educational activities through the last day of school. Provide children with book lists and related activities that will keep them interested in reading, and download educational games they can enjoy all summer long! You'll find helpful assessment advice for wording report cards and completing portfolio evaluations. From math games to word puzzles to holiday resources, we have fun end-of-year activities for all ages.

Lessons & Printables
  • Summer Fun Worksheets

    Keep "brain drain" away this summer with these fun and educational worksheets. Each packet includes practice problems and games for elementary students to enjoy over the summer break; subjects covered include math, reading and language arts, science, art, and trivia.

  • Katie Kazoo Book Group: End of the Year Discussion

    Use this book group guide to discuss the themes and ideas in the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo books.

  • Summer Math

    Provide your students with these great math printables before sending them off for the summer. Practicing math skills over the summer break helps students retain information learned over the school year, making it easier to transition to back-to-school.

  • Last Day Blues Stationery for Teachers

    Write letters to your students on the last day of school with this teacher's stationery.

  • Flower and Leaf Press

    Students press flowers and plants with heavy books to make lovely decorations. Then, they use the pressed flowers to decorate note cards, which they can give as gifts to family and friends.

  • Last Day Blues Student Poem for Teacher

    As summer approaches, use this printable from Last Day Blues to discuss what made this school year special. Have students write a class poem and create a card.

  • Reading Carnival

    Host a reading carnival at your school -- it will give your students a chance to demonstrate the reading skills they've acquired and their parents a chance to be a more integral part of their education.

Summer Writing Prompts
Summer Reading Slideshows
  • Summer Reading (Grades K-2)

    This list of outstanding literature comes with lessons and activities to enrich each title and keep your students learning and entertained all summer.

  • Summer Reading (Grades 3-5)

    Use this list of summer reading titles to engage your students during their time off. The variety of styles and genres are sure to interest every student in your class.

  • Summer Reading (Grades 6-8)

    This collection of fine literature is certain to excite your students over the summer. The variety of genres and interesting topics is sure to meet the needs of all reading levels.

  • Summer Reading (Grades 9-12)

    Secondary students will enjoy the vast array of literature presented. The diversity of genres, authors, and time periods will keep them engaged and learning all summer long.

  • Summer Reading for Teachers

    This slideshow contains summer reading suggestions for teachers interested in reading for pleasure or professional development. Each book has a printable literature guide for self-reflection, group discussion, or classroom instruction.

  • More Summer Reading Lists
Games & Puzzles
  • Henry & Mudge Summer Splash Word Puzzles

    Get ready for summer with a crossword puzzle and word scramble featuring seasonal weather terms and activities. This printable will extend students' enjoyment of the Henry and Mudge series.

  • Math Puzzles & Fun Printable Book (K-4)

    The math games in this printable book will give your students an enjoyable learning experience! The solo and group activities reinforce skills such as number sense, computation, and problem-solving.

  • Funbrain to Go

    You can download Funbrain games to your computer so your students can access them anytime, anywhere. Funbrain has earned the respect and devotion of thousands of teachers because of its engaging, educationally valid games.

  • More Games & Puzzles – Resources for Teachers
Assessment Resources
Awards & Certificates
  • Graduation Certificate

    Congratulate your classroom of graduates with certificates that celebrate this achievement.

  • Star Performance Award

    Recognize a student's accomplishments in a specific subject or their year-long success. At the end of the school year, customize this printable as a graduation award: "Congratulations on your star performance in second grade."

  • Graduation Note: "Owl" Always Remember You

    Congratulate students on graduating to the next grade or finishing high school with a cute note that says, "Congratulations Graduate! 'Owl' always remember you. Have a great summer!".

  • Perfect Attendance Award

    Reward perfect attendance by printing out this certificate for the appropriate student. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing.

  • Certificate of Outstanding Performance

    Reward your students with a special certificate. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing.

  • Reading Award

    Reward your students' literacy with this reading award. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing.

  • More Awards and Certificates
End-of-the-Year Gifts
  • Top 10 End-of-Year Gifts for Students

    Teachers, find the perfect end-of-year gift for your students! These ten creative gift ideas are low-cost and easy to make. Each slide links to a free printable or gift instructions.

Holiday Resources
  • Memorial Day – Teacher Resources

    Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. Use our educational lessons and printables for this civic holiday to honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in America's wars.

  • Flag Day – Teacher Resources

    Find lessons and activities that are perfect for Flag Day—June 14th—or any other day you want to celebrate patriotism. Your students can learn facts, then complete activities to show you what they've learned.

  • Father's Day - Teacher Resources

    Celebrate Father's Day with fun, educational lessons and printables for this holiday. Use our writing and project activities to open up a discussion about the role of fathers in society.

Additional Resources
  • Summer - Teacher Resources

    Summer brings heat, extended daylight, and fun. The topic of summer leads students to study biomes, habitats, weather, and more.

  • Extension & Enrichment Activities

    These enrichment activities are perfect for teachers and supervisors working with an extended-day program. A variety of cross-curricular arts & crafts, games, and puzzles will help you extend any topic.

  • Report Cards: Advice & Suggested Comments

    You'll find a collection of report card comments and phrases created to save you time at the end of each quarter. There are also advice handouts for parents on dealing with report cards.

Recommended End-of-the-Year Resources for Teachers & Students Resources

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