End of Year Awards for Students Classroom Kit

end of year class awards for students
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100 editable end of year awards for students - academics, personality, achievement, and fun!

Celebrate your students' year-long achievements with these colorful and editable end of year awards. 100 awards ranging from Reading Rockstar to Fabulous Fashionista, ready to print and share. Editable PDF includes space to add student name, teacher name, and date.

What's Included In This Classroom Kit

For the teacher:
  • 100 editable, printable PDF awards templates
  • Awards for academics, good behavior, personality, achievements, social skills, and fun

For the student:

  • Awards for every skill, strength, personality, and occasion
  • Academic achievement: Master Mathematician, Super Scientist, Homework Hero, and more
  • Personality: Great Growth, Splendid Sharer, Powerful Peacemaker, and more
  • Achievement: Noteworthy Neatness, Powerful Perseverance, Best Behavior, and more

What You'll Find Inside

  • Reading Rockstar Award
  • Master Mathematician Award
  • Super Scientist Award
  • Social Studies Star Award
  • Wonderful Writer Award
  • Amazing Artist Award
  • Singing Superstar Award
  • Awesome Athlete Award
  • Marvelous Musician Award
  • Spelling Superstar Award
  • Astounding Actor Award
  • Astounding Actress Award
  • Exceptional Effort Award
  • Magnificent Manners Award
  • Outstanding Organizer Award
  • Caring Classmate Award
  • Helping Hands Award
  • Top Technologist Award
  • Passionate Participant Award
  • Super Storyteller Award
  • Class Comedian Award
  • Constant Communicator Award
  • Fabulous Friend Award
  • Loyal Listener Award
  • Cooperative Captain Award
  • Inquisitive Questioner Award
  • Fabulous Fashionista Award
  • Full of Fun Award
  • Nature Nurturer Award
  • Lovable Leader Award
  • Super Smile Award
  • Super Sleuth Award
  • Role Model Rockstar Award
  • Best Behaviour Award
  • Enthusiasm Expert Award
  • Super Sweetheart Award
  • Royally Responsible Award
  • Dynamic Dancer Award
  • Thrilling Thinker Award
  • Magnificent Memory Award
  • Awesome Attendance Award
  • Smooth Sailor Award
  • Contagious Curiosity Award
  • Creative Kid Award
  • Nice Neighbor Award
  • Fantastic Finisher Award
  • Splendid Sharer Award
  • Ravenous Reader Award
  • Word Wizard Award
  • Schedule Specialist Award
  • Fair Friend Award
  • Wonderful Worker Award
  • Active Adventurer Award
  • Handwriting Hero Award
  • Fact Fanatic Award
  • Goal Getter Award
  • Ingenious Inventor Award
  • Valiant Volunteer Award
  • Homework Hero Award
  • Marvelous Messenger Award
  • Super Sportsmanship Award
  • Great Growth Award
  • Perfect Partner Award
  • STEM Star Award
  • Powerful Peacemaker Award
  • Jolly Jokester Award
  • Passionate Player Award
  • Warmest Welcomer Award
  • Phenomenal Facts Award
  • Totally Trustworthy Award
  • Perfectly Patient Award
  • Superb Speaker Award
  • Sunshine Spreader Award
  • Learning Lover Award
  • Animal Activist Award
  • Passionate Pupil Award
  • Brilliant Biologist Award
  • Constant Cleaner Award
  • Perfectly Prepared Award
  • Excellent Encourager Award
  • Brilliant Builder Award
  • Mindfulness Master Award
  • Powerful Problem Solver Award
  • Sight Word Superhero Award
  • Powerful Perserverance Award
  • Independent Investigator Award
  • Safety Superhero Award
  • Noteworthy Neatness Award
  • Little Librarian Award
  • Determined Discoverer Award
  • Excellent Example Award
  • Super School Spirit Award
  • Terrific Tutor Award
  • Compliment Captain Award
  • Incredible Imagination Award
  • Outstanding Observer Award
  • Courageous Classmate Award
  • Grammar Guru Award

EOY Awards Kit Sample Award 1

EOY Awards Kit Sample Award 2

EOY Awards Kit Sample Award 3

EOY Awards Kit Sample Award 4

EOY Awards Kit Sample Award 5

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