9 Self-Care Tips for Teachers eBook


Spending the day in the classroom can be stressful enough, whether it’s managing challenging behavior, a lack of resources, or balancing endless priorities all at once. But it doesn’t stay there when you close the door behind you; teachers take their work home. Stress ( when left unchecked ) can lead to health concerns, teacher burnout, and ultimately result in high teacher turnover.

While self-care sounds like a buzzword, practicing coping mechanisms and self-care strategies are the key to avoiding teacher burnout and managing stress; leading to positive outcomes for both teachers and their students.

With that in mind, we have created '9 Tips for Teacher Self-Care' – an eBook of our top tips for coping in the classroom for you to download and keep – with links to useful resources and mental health support.

Table of Contents

  1. Why We Created This eBook
  2. Tips 1-4
  3. Tips 5-9
  4. Self-Care Support
  5. TeacherVision Membership
  6. Author Profile
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