Spider Plants

Employ a series of lessons that will teach the students about plants, graphing, the Scientific Method while growing Spider plants.
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  • Students will observe and describe spider plants.
  • Students will communicate data about spider plants through drawings, discussions, simple graphs, and writing.
  • Students will ask questions and make predictions concerning observable changes in plant development.
  • Students will record their observations in log books.
  • Students will use simple tools such as rulers, magnifying glasses, etc.


  • Five more spider plant babies than children in the class
  • 1 9oz. clear plastic drinking cup per spider plant
  • potting soil
  • masking tape
  • permanent marker
  • 1 Spider Plant Log Book per child (see below for sample)


  1. Hold a group discussion about plants in general, then show the students a large spider plant with babies.
  2. Allow each child to chose his/her own plant and to plant it in a cup. (Spider plants do NOT need to be rooted in water first.)
  3. Have the children name their plants and write the plant's name and the student's name on the masking tape on the cup.
  4. The students make spider plant logs by pasting the Spider Plant Log (see below) papers into a construction paper book.
  5. On the cover of the log, they draw a picture of what their plant looks like at that moment (correct number of leaves, etc.).
  6. On the back they draw a picture of what they think the plant will look like in a few months.
  7. Inside the log the students write the data about their plant on the first line.
  8. Each week, when you water the plants, the children record the statistics about their plant on the next available line.
  9. They subtract the number of leaves when their plant loses some and add the number when they see new leaves.

Spider Plant Log:

Date, Number of Leaves, Measurement of longest leaf, Measurement of shortest leaf. Can I see any visible roots? How many new roots or leaves are there?

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