Top Spring Activities (K-8)

View this collection of our top Spring-Themed activities, lessons, and printables. Click through the gallery to find the activities that fit your curriculum the best, or try them all! There are printable worksheets about plants, art projects for taking advantage of the beauty of spring, science lessons on animals' life cycles, and much more.
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Updated on: January 29, 2008
Create a class garden with this lesson plan. Your students will observe the growth of the plants after the garden has been made.

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Teach children about the ancient celebration of May Day with these activities.

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Grow herbs indoors all year by creating a mini-greenhouse.

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In this art activity, students celebrate spring by making their own flower baskets.

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Students press flowers and plants with heavy books to make lovely decorations. Then, they use the pressed flowers to decorate note cards, which they can give as gifts to family and friends.

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Students see the complete life cycle of a butterfly.

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Encourage educational conversation about insects with this ladybug bulletin board.

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Students watch the changes of the seasons from winter to spring with a seasonal terrarium.

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