Summer of My German Soldier

Enrichment activities and Internet resources to enhance teaching Summer of My German Soldier.

Summer of My German Soldier

by Bette Greene

Summer of My German Soldier

Patty Bergen is a lovable yet vulnerable twelve-year-old girl living in a small Arkansas town during World War II. Although she is Jewish, Patty opens her heart to a German POW imprisoned in her town. As her relationship with Anton deepens, Patty risks losing her family and friends, and possibly even her freedom.

Enrichment Activities
Books by Bette Greene

Enrichment Activities

  • Arkansas Research Research what the state of Arkansas was like back in the 1940s – population, geography, major industries. Have students brainstorm their ideas on why prison camps for German POWs were set up in this particular state. Use the Arkansas map to assist students in their research.

  • Comprehension Checks Check your students' comprehension of Summer of My German Soldier with Test A, Test B, and Test C. Use the Answer Key for correcting.

  • Culminating Projects Have students choose from a selection of six motivating and thought-provoking projects. Project types include writing diary entries, creating a newspaper, and comparing and contrasting Patty's moods with her different hairstyles. Use the Summer of My German Soldier Project Ideas sheet.

  • Knish Recipe Make knishes with your students to help them become part of the Jewish family tradition Patty celebrates with her family. Try out this Knish Recipe or use one of your own.

  • Story Elements Define the story elements of Summer of My German Soldier by breaking down the different components of the book.

  • World War II Theme Check out the lessons in our World War II Theme. Activities and resources include a Veterans Day newspaper lesson, flag facts, and more.

  • World War II Research Questions Use encyclopedias to have students search for answers to questions about World War II on the Summer of My German Soldier Research Questions sheet.

Books by Bette Greene

The Drowning of Stephan Jones, 1991
Carla is not used to dealing with hatred. When her popular boyfriend starts a hate campaign against a young, gay couple, she must choose between him and her strong ethical beliefs.

Get on Out of Here, Philip Hall, 1981
Beth Lambert seems to have everything going for her. That is, until Philip Hall enters the picture. Now it is up to Beth to show Philip what she's made of – in style, of course.

Morning is a Long Time Coming, 1978
In the sequel to Summer of My German Soldier, Patty Bergen, now out of Jenkinsville High School, travels to Germany to meet the family of Anton, the escaped German POW she had sheltered as a girl.

Philip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe, 1974
Beth Lambert is going through the bittersweet experience of nearly every young girl – having a crush on a boy. Finding out if Philip Hall likes her as well makes for a very enjoyable story.

Them That Glitter and Them That Don’t, 1983
Though she has always been told the contrary, Carol Ann Delaney, a young Gypsy girl living in the rural South, is convinced that she can use her singing talent to become someone really special.

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