World War II (1939-1945)

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    The Port Chicago 50 Teacher's Guide

    Teach students about the worst homefront disaster in World War II through a... read more


    Boys of Wartime Common Core Activities

    Connect history and literature with the Boys of Wartime novels by Laurie Ca... read more


    Veterans Day Videos & Activities

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    Once Discussion Guide

    Study the Holocaust through literature. These chapter-by-chapter discussion... read more


    Memorial Day Videos & Activities

    Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. Learn about the history... read more

    Literature Guide

    The Green Glass Sea Educator's Guide

    Study World War II and the Manhattan Project through literature. The classr... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    A Diamond in the Desert Discussion Questions

    Use these discussion questions for A Diamond in the Desert by Kathryn Fitzm... read more


    Annexed Discussion Guide

    Educate students about the Holocaust with this teacher's guide to Annexed, ... read more

    Literature Guide

    Night Teacher's Guide

    Night is Elie Wiesel's masterpiece — a candid, horrific, and deeply saddeni... read more

    Teacher Discussion Guide

    Slap Your Sides Reading Guide

    Encourage conversation about the compelling issues in M. E. Kerr's Slap You... read more


    John Curtin Quiz

    Quiz students on their knowledge about John Curtin, one of Australia's best... read more


    Bombing of Darwin

    Enrich your history lessons with this writing activity. Students will write... read more


    War Is... Author Notes

    Learn about the inspiration behind War Is... and compare how four leading y... read more


    Siege of Leningrad

    In this worksheet, children will read, research, and write about the German... read more


    Historic Massacres

    Familiarize your class with some of the most egregious instances of ethnic ... read more


    Weapons of War

    Pupils will learn about weapons used in wars throughout history, from the l... read more


    Blitz of London Quiz

    Have pupils research 1940's Blitz of London before they answer this printab... read more


    European Peace Treaties Worksheet

    Most European wars ended with peace treaties. In this activity, pupils will... read more


    Remembrance Day Quiz

    Children answer multiple-choice questions about Remembrance Day, which is c... read more