Halloween and Fall Word Wall Decor Themed Packet

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This Halloween and Fall-themed packet will help you enhance your word wall ideas while providing your students a fun way to practice sight words and seasonal vocabulary terms.

Just print and cut the colorful and high-visibility cards from the sheets in the packet - they can be printed on any kind of paper, or laminated for use year after year. Use them to enhance an existing word wall decor, or place them in various locations around the classroom to enhance your Halloween and Fall bulletin boards, door designs, or other elementary classroom decorations.

What's Included:

  • 35 colorful and high-visibility word wall art cards, ready to print and laminate;
  • A range of sight and seasonal vocabulary words for Halloween and Fall, suitable for most early elementary reading levels;
  • Each card features one word in high-visibility font and an accompanying picture to enhance recognition;
  • Useful in a variety of ways - as part of an existing word wall, as a seasonal bulletin board, door decoration, or as artwork for whiteboards, reading centers, etc.
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