Halloween Books for Young Readers

These Halloween books will help younger readers get excited about Halloween, without getting scared.
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Halloween Books for Young Readers

When the Goblins Came Knocking
Author: Anna Grossnickle Hines
Is your child more frightened of Halloween than excited about the possibility of a pumpkin full of candy? Then this is a perfect book for them! The young boy in this story remembers how afraid he was of the costumes and masks from his last Halloween, and hid behind his mother rather than hand out candy. But this year is a new story -- dressed as a dinosaur he is ready for some Halloween fun! While a certain amount of spookiness is conveyed in the story, the rhythmic language and colorful pictures will help calm any fears lying in children.

The Witches' Supermarket
Author: Susan Meddaugh
While they are trick-or-treating, Helen (dressed as a witch) and her dog Martha (dressed as a cat) are distracted by an elderly woman on the street. They follow her down a dark alley and into an unusual supermarket--for witches and cats only. They don't realize this until they put the odd clues together, like apples with worms are cheaper than those without. This store also had an incredible selection of specialized brooms. And poor Martha, only cat food is sold in this store! Finally Helen realizes that shoppers' unusual clothing isn't because it's Halloween, it's because they are in a witches supermarket! They both are quite unwelcome. When they are discovered, Helen and Martha they need more than luck to escape! This story has energy, suspense, and humor. Young readers will laugh at the details of the story and hang on to the words of each clue.

Winnie the Pooh
All young readers love that hugable little bear. They'll love reading about Piglet's attempt to tell a quiet, peaceful autumn story that turns out to be a scary (well spooky at worst) Halloween tale in Spooking Pooh by Bruce Talkington. With a little bit of spookiness and a lot of Piglet and Pooh, this story is perfect for the younger kids who like the idea of Halloween but aren't ready for the scary stories.

In Pooh's Pumpkin by Isabel Gaines, your kids will discover the beauty of nature along with there favorite bear. In this story, Pooh , in the Halloween spirit, decides to grow a pumpkin. But he knows it needs special care. With his special loving care Pooh's pumpkin grows from a tiny seed to a big pumpkin!

Winnie the Pooh and his pals get ready for Halloween in Pooh Says Boo, by Nancy Parent. Piglet is afraid of going trick-or-treating, so his friends try to help him overcome his fear by building himself a "spookable." Your kids won't want to miss out on this story full of trick-or-treating fun!

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