Have a Halloween Party

Have A Halloween Party!


  • Students will celebrate Halloween in a safe environment.
  • Students will practice following instructions.
  • Students will practice cooperation and other social skills.



  1. Before the party, have students:
    • Make creative, Halloween-themed invitations and send them to students in another class.
    • Make two Halloween Masks (one for themselves and one for a guest)
    • Use the instruction sheets to make the pumpkins for Find the Pumpkins, the witch hat for Walk on the Witch, and the witch face and wart for Pin the Wart on the Witch.
    • Put ten pieces of wrapped candy into each of the paper bags.
    • For the Halloween Word Game, write the following words on a piece of paper and display it prominently in the classroom: HALLOWEEN, CANDY, WITCH, PARTY, GHOST, PUMPKIN
  2. The day of the party:
    • Set up separate areas of the classroom for different games. During the party several games can be played simultaneously by small groups of students.
    • Organize students into small groups.
    • Use the instruction sheets to to explain the rules of each of the games, assign students to their groups, and direct them to the appropriate area of the classroom to play their first game.
    • Explain that each group will move to the next game when they hear the sound of your whistle, bell, or gong.
    • Allow the groups to rotate through all of the games before the end of the party.
  3. Culminate your party by allowing the students to eat the candy they collected in the Halloween Word Game or provide a healthier snack for the whole group.
Celebrate the spooky side of Fall with these fun Halloween party games! Students will enjoy playing Walk on the Witch, Halloween Word Game, and Find the Pumpkins. Includes great ideas and tips for hosting a friendly Halloween party in your classroom this Fall.
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