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Celebrate the season with these fun and engaging Halloween themed games.

This packet includes a collection of 9 interactive hands-on and team building activities that are easily modified and enjoyed by all ages.

What’s included:

  • Pin the Part on the Pumpkin: Draw a large pumpkin onto a piece of paper or white board. Cut out paper triangles, rectangles and circles. Have students take turns sticking the shapes onto the pumpkin with their eyes closed, trying to place the shapes on the correct locations. When all of the pieces have been used, admire the Jack O lantern you created as a class.
  • Apple Picking: Divide the students into two teams. Place the students into two single file lines on one side of the classroom. Give each student a piece of red construction paper and instruct them to crumble it into a ball shape resembling an apple. Place two baskets opposite the two lines, on the other side of the classroom. The students will take turns tossing their “apples” (construction paper) into the baskets. The teams with the most apples in their basket wins.
  • Keep it Under Wraps: Pair students up and give each pair a roll of toilet paper. Set a timer for 2-5 minutes. Instruct the students that they will only have until the timer runs out to try and wrap their partner up with toilet paper resembling a mummy. Have the students choose who will become the mummy and who will do the wrapping. The pair of students at the end of the time who have managed to be the best wrapped mummy wins.
  • And more!
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