End of the Year Activities: Summer Camping Adventure - Grade 3

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Find fun ways to keep your students learning at the end of the year with this fun mini-project, combining math, writing, science and social studies activities.

This activity packet explores a summer camping adventure where students use math skills to make a grocery list within budget, create a map of the campsite, use their science knowledge to graph the weather and design and write a postcard. With all resources included, simply print and go for hassle-free and fun end of year activity ideas.

What’s included:

  • Teacher Instructions
  • Fun end of year activities that combine math, writing, science and social studies
  • Printable resources to accompany each activity.
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Katie Schukencht (B.S., M.A.E.) is an elementary educator and primary reading interventionist. She spent 5 years teaching both grade-level and intervention classes. She has a… Read more

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