Summer Reading (Grades 3-5)

Use this list of summer reading titles to engage your students during their time off. The variety of styles and genres are sure to interest every student in your class.
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Jethro Creighton is nine years old in April 1861, when the Civil War begins. His southern Illinois farming family is torn apart when his brothers, cousin, and a close family friend leave to fight in the war. Jethro is forced to grow up quickly and tracks the progress of the war through letters and newspapers. Finally, four years later, the war is over and all are relieved. But then President Lincoln is assassinated. Suddenly, the future becomes frightening and uncertain once again.
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This is the humorous story of a cat and dog who become convinced that the new pet in the family is a vampire bunny! Follow their misadventures as they discover much about their new housemate.
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryby Roald Dahl
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
by Roald Dahl
Children have been waiting patiently for the chocolate gates of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory to open. The twist is that only five lucky children can be let inside. Charlie Bucket's dream comes true when he finds a winning ticket that allows him to go into the chocolate factory.
Grossologyby Sylvia Branzei
by Sylvia Branzei
All the books in the Grossology series present scientifically accurate information in a manner that is kid-friendly yet informative. The goal of Grossology is not to be gross, but to teach science.
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by Michael Dorris

by Michael Dorris
Moss, the Native American hero of Michael Dorris' book Guests, learns to recognize the complex emotions within himself and his elders when his tribe invites white settlers to share the harvest feast.
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In A Long Way from Chicago, Joey Dowdel and his younger sister, Mary Alice, are sent to spend a week every summer from 1929-1935 with their grandmother in her small Illinois town located halfway between Chicago and St. Louis.

In A Year Down Yonder, Mary Alice is 15 years old, and has been sent to spend an entire year with her Grandma Dowdel in the small, rural Illinois town. With the Depression in full swing, the teenager hesitantly leaves her home in Chicago.

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Homesick: My Own Storyby Jean Fritz
Jean Fritz wrote a compelling story about her youth in the China of the mid 1920's, a period of great turmoil. Jean's own family suffers the loss of her younger sister, as well as other hardships. Eventually, the family resettles in the United States, a country that Jean has only heard about.
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The book is based on the real-life story of a 12-year-old American Indian girl, Karana. In the early 1800s, she was stranded on a small island off the coast of California. Karana faced grave dangers and survived, in isolation, for 18 years before leaving the island to live in the Santa Barbara Mission.
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For James Henry Trotter, life with the exceedingly nasty Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker is pure misery. Jame dreams of a better life, but he's totally unprepared for the wild adventures ahead of him when he drops the magic crystals he receives from a strange old man. Before long, James is off on a weird, wonderful journey inside a giant peach with an odd assortment of traveling companions!
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This Newbery Medal winner tells the mythical tale of a legendary hero: 12-year-old Jeffrey Magee - known as Maniac Magee. An orphan with no place to call home, Maniac Magee enters Two Mills, a town sharply divided by race. Magee's athletic skills, combined with his nonjudgmental way, lead the people of Two Mills to overcome segregation, racial profiling, and ignorance.
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Number the Starsby Lois Lowry
Number the Stars
by Lois Lowry
Number the Stars won the Newbery Award in 1990. This moving, well-written book, helps children to see the effects of courage and caring. The factually-based story is set in Denmark during World War II and tells of that country's efforts to save their Jewish citizens. Two young girls are the focus - each having poignant tales to tell. Look at our collection of ideas and resources to enhance this important book.
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The Redwall Talesby Brian Jacques
The Redwall Tales
by Brian Jacques
With the publication of his first book in 1987, Redwall, Brian Jacques gave us an exciting swashbuckling fantasy in which the forces of good and those of evil came into conflict. He also brought us memorable characters with idealistic heroes and dastardly villains and a place of sanctuary for all that was good: the abbey of Redwall.
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Sign of the Beaverby Elizabeth George Speare
Sign of the Beaver
by Elizabeth George Speare
Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in eighteenth-century Maine, Matt is hard-pressed to survive until neighboring Indians teach him their skills. This is a timeless story of courage, commitment, friendship, values, and overcoming cultural divides.
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The Summer of the Swansby Betsy Byars
In the Newbery Award winning book The Summer of the Swans, Sara's life is turned upside down when her mentally retarded brother disappears. Her brother Charlie loves to go to the lake and watch the swans. Late one night he gets out of bed to follow them and becomes lost in the dark. What follows is a desperate search for the young boy and an unexpected friendship.
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