12 Fresh Bulletin Board Ideas for Spring

Celebrate spring's new beginnings, warmer weather, and engaged learning with these fresh bulletin board picks.

Updated on: April 6, 2018

By April, everyone is ready to say "see ya later" to cold, gray winter weather.

Whether things have actually started warming up in your neck of the woods or not, these bulletin boards are sure to brighten up your classroom and your spirits.

1. Start with a classic spring saying.


2. Kick off your year-end countdown in the cutest way!


3. Get into the swing of things.


4. Use something unexpected to create a crafty DIY garland.


5. Who knew that paint chips could be so versatile?


6. Show off your students' blossoming skills.


7. Revisit your teenage years with a collage-style board.


8. Get ready to take a bite out of summer vacation.


9. This cute butterfly board is ready to take flight.


10. What a sweet way to kiss winter goodbye!


11. Love reading, love the look of these tissue-paper flowers. Win-win!


12. And finally, always encourage the best in everyone.


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