11 Bulletin Boards You'll Never Want to Take Down

These bulletin board ideas have staying power.

Teachers are a creative bunch, and they're not afraid to show it! These bulletin boards are perfect examples - and guaranteed to make your room the one every teacher wants to copy.

Update: Be sure to check out the spring edition of our favorite bulletin board ideas!

1. Let's start with this colorful gem by @primaryscouts:

A post shared by Alicia Woodfin (@primaryscouts) on


2. An engineering/STEAM theme by @fishin4inspiration:


3. Follow @valeriekinginspired's example and get adventurous:


4. makes bulletin boards (and reading) into an art form:


5. If you're a Pete the Cat fan, you'll love what @teachercreated did here:


6. Go cute and quirky like @applesandabcs:


7. Try an extremely punny bunny board from @2ndgradesassypants:


8. Inspire your students with this powerful concept from @thecrafteye:

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9. This board by @bulletinboardpride is as sweet as honey:

A post shared by JennyB (@bulletinboardpride) on


10. An awesome board for awesome work by @alatteloveforthird

A post shared by Ginny Ryan (@coffeewithkinders) on


11. Another version of a "brag board" by @mrs.lor:

A post shared by Mailee Lor (@mrs.lor) on


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