15 Inspiring March Bulletin Board Ideas

Explore the month of March with your students in visuals and lessons to help spark new passions within them and help bring new life to your classroom bulletin boards.

march bulletin board ideas

The month of March is such an exciting time for our students and this broad list of fun March bulletin board ideas is sure to help bring the vibrance of March alive in your classrooms.

For many, it’s the halfway point of the long-awaited summer vacation. For other students, it's time to look towards the Spring sports that fulfill them. March is filled with many beautiful holidays and observances. Did you know that March 1st is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day? Or that March 21st is International Poetry Day? There is something for everyone in March that brings vestiges of Spring.

What do you think about when March comes to your mind? Some people picture the blossoming of dogwood trees, releasing aromatics into the air. Others turn to sports as March Madness intertwines with the opening of America’s favorite pastime. Others are gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day when everyone is Irish. Hard-working farmers are looking forward to tilling their fields to bring forth new life from the earth.

Exploring the month with your students in visuals and lessons will help spark new passions within them and help bring new life to your classroom bulletin boards.

March Bulletin Board Ideas

Below is a small sample of ideas to create an eye-catching bulletin board with March themes. Also, consider combing two or three of these ideas to capture the essence of this wonderful month.

1. Women’s History Month

Inspire students with a bulletin board celebrating Women’s History Month. There are an infinite number of ways to display the contributions of women throughout history. You can have a set number of pictures and information on your board. Or you can put up a new profile of an intriguing woman each day of the month. Get your students involved by having them select someone they admire.

2. St. Patrick’s Day bulletin board

St. Paddy's represents the lushest of emeralds, a delight of treasure. The day celebrates Ireland’s patron saint for bringing Christianity to their country. The observance is one of the most recognizable events in the world. Just remind your students the day before St. Patrick’s Day to wear green, or they may suffer a pinch or two.

3. Sleep Awareness Week

March 12th – March 18th is Sleep Awareness Week. Load your students up with facts about the importance of getting a good night's sleep. Sleeping is one of the most overlooked yet easiest "chores" we can complete to care for ourselves.

4. Spring!

Is there a time of year that brings more uplifting to one's heart than Spring? This theme alone can fill your March bulletin board several times over the entire month. Are you into fishing? Game fish begin moving into shallow water, making for easy catches. Maybe you are a flower person. What flowers are about to bloom, engulfing the air with their aromatics? The possibilities for Spring bulletin board decorations are endless.

5. International Women’s Day

While March is women's history, there is a special day the world celebrates. March 8th is International Women’s Day. Join the world in recognition of the greatness women have brought into our world. From the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher to Malala Yousafzai, women have helped bring hope to our world.

6. You are Worth more than gold

Oh, those mischievous little leprechauns and their pots of gold. Finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is a fantastic fantasy. As valuable as gold is, a child’s value exceeds it infinitely. Show the students their worth with bulletin boards that tell them how important they are. It's a great lesson and reminder of the many talents a student has yet to discover.

7. Never Stop Growing

Spring is associated with the growth of new life. A lesson to instill in students is to inform them never to stop growing. Students can grow in knowledge, education, goals, and aptitude. Growth goes beyond the physical body. Associating Spring with the development of a student can be a powerful lesson they hold to for a long time.

8. Quack, Quack Spring

Get ready for cuteness overload. Spring is the time when new birth comes upon the earth. Animals are coming out of hibernation or becoming more active as the frost thaws. Birds, rabbits, and deer are just a few who will have chicks, kits, and fawns. One of the most recognizable is baby ducks. These waddlers on your bulletin board will brighten your classroom and prepare the students for Easter.

9. Shamrocking

A renowned symbol of St. Patrick's is the shamrock or the three-leaf clover. Have a classroom project for your students to cut out three-leaf clovers from construction paper. Once the clovers are on the board, you can add the elusive 4-leaf clover. Make a game for your students to try to find the four-leaf amongst the three-leaf shamrocks. The game is a great pre-k activity

10. March Madness

Whether you follow college hoops or not, everyone has heard of March Madness. The NCAA basketball tournament is as much a staple of March as that of St. Paddy's Day. Decorate your board with different colored basketballs representing the colors of Spring. Or you can be a traditionalist with a playoff bracket. The kids will have to try to predict who will win the tournament.

11. Special Days of the month – Girl Scouts

The sale of girl scout cookies begins February 27th, so it will be in full swing by March. The sale of these delicious past-times is another seasonal mark of Spring. If you have girl scouts in your class, you can have them decorate your bulletin board with interesting facts about the girl scout organization. Put a variety of cookies on the board and allow the students to mark their favorites.

12. Spring Poe-Tree

Combining the season with classroom lessons can help students better comprehend the material. In this example, the teacher has the class post their favorite poems growing out of young shoots (in this case, paper towel tubes). All the lyrics are related to the Spring season, making for an excellent connection for the students.

13. Fun Fact: K9 Veteran’s Day


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Here is a favorite of mine. It's not surprising that service canines have a dedicated day. And why not? These brave dogs go into dangerous situations with their human counterparts, helping to keep our country safe. Many dogs suffer post-traumatic stress like our human veterans. The recognition of their efforts is a great way to spread the word to the entire school.

14. Seeds of Kindness

As planting season gets underway, we want to remind students that people can plant many different seeds. Teaching students that sowing seeds of kindness that will continue to grow is one of the most powerful lessons they can learn. Planting such seeds brings joy to the world. But also teaching that planting negative seeds can lead to hurt feelings.

15. Beware the Ides of March

March 15th. In middle school, I learned of the Ides of March and the terrible ending of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar. History can inspire, teach, and be a warning to us. Some teachers may use this saying to remind students to study for a quiz or exam on March 15th.

The Month of March

At one time, March was the first month of the year. It was named for the mythological Roman God Mars (known as Ares in Greek mythology). After the passing of winter, military forces could resume their battle campaigns. The addition of January and February to the Roman calendar pushed March to the third month of the year. Whispers suggested March was not happy about this. Language art teachers will appreciate this poem by William Wordsworth of March’s thoughts on the situation:

I, Martius, am! Once first, and now third!
To lead the year was my appointed place;
A mortal dispossessed me by a word,
And set there Janus with the double face.

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet (1807–82)

As you can see, March was unhappy about their third-place station. But look at the personality of March brought out by the poet. Imagine this as a lesson for your Language Arts class. Imagine this as a history lesson in social studies. Putting this poem in the upper right-hand corner of your bulletin board as additional info to your March theme will help spark conversation.

What are the themes of the bulletin board?

Spring can bring many themes to your bulletin board. Another interesting observation is that March is National Umbrella Month. We know that April showers bring May flowers, but March is notorious for rainy weather. Spring itself is an umbrella covering all of the themes that are associated with it.

How can I make my bulletin board more attractive?

Having the students help create bulletin boards can make them more attractive. Children know what other children like. Their input and assistance will bring a look to your classroom decor that will be relatable to your class.

If you are looking for more ideas on making your bulletin boards more attractive, you are in the right place. TeacherVision has many resources for printable templates, worksheets, cutouts, classroom door decorations, lesson plans, handprints, and writing prompts that will simplify your teaching during the school year.

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