Sea Horses: Father Knows Best

Students learn about the unusual world of the sea horse – in which the father fish carries and gives birth to the babies!

40 minutes

Students will:

  • use vocabulary related to the sea horse.
  • learn about the sea horse's life cycle.
  • write an information card about the life cycle of a sea horse.

  • Father Knows Best Online Quiz (
  • Aquarium Information Card (
  • Father Knows Best Website (
  • Sea Horse Basics Website (

  • Introduce key vocabulary: embryo, fins, incubation, life cycle, pouch, snout, species.
  • Have students visit the Father Knows Best Website and explore the sites that are mentioned.
  • Encourage students to take the Father Knows Best Online Quiz to review the main points of the lesson.
  • Tell students to complete the Aquarium Information Card on the last screen of the lesson. They should print the completed page and bring it to the group discussion.
  • Have students work individually or with partners.
  • Set up a time when students can come together to discuss the lesson and share their ideas for the aquarium information cards.

  • Use the Scoring Guide Rubric to access students' understanding of the life cycle of a sea horse, ability to use the Internet, and selection of facts to share.
  • For more information about creating rubrics, visit the Assessment Rubrics website.

  • Have students visit Animal Super-Dads ( to learn about seven other "animal dads" that take an active role in caring for their young. Encourage students to choose one of these "animal dads" and compare and contrast it with the seahorse.
  • Invite students to take the Sea Animal Survey . After learning about other unique ocean creatures, students can create an aquatic mural for a bulletin board display. For each animal, have students make an information card similar to the one in the sea horse lesson. Display the cards around the mural using string to connect each card to the animal it describes.
  • Students learn about the unusual world of the sea horse -- in which the father fish carries and gives birth to the babies.
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