Earth Science

Motivate your students to become more active participants in their world with activities on geology, global warming, and life cycles. From classifying leaves to tracking hurricanes, you'll find exciting seasonal resources and Earth Day activities for April. Also check out the slideshows, quizzes, bulletin boards, and graphic organizers below!

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons
These 15 minute mini-lessons are a great way to introduce your students to the various topics in Earth Science. Our ready-to-use slideshows and PowerPoints will help you teach lessons about fossils, rocks, minerals, water and more!
Printables for Grades K-2
Use our printables for Grades K-2 to accompany your lessons on climate change, weather, soil and more! Included are puzzles to enhance vocabulary skills, worksheets to practice graphing and activities to help students understand the science behind weather and climate change.
Printables for Grades 3-5
Strengthen your lessons for Grades 3-5 with these printables relating to volcanoes, energy, earthquakes and more! Included are worksheets about the importance of recycling, puzzles to enhance vocabulary and various ready-to-print activities.
Printables for Grades 6-8
Use our printables to accompany lessons for energy, earthquakes, recycling and more! Here you will find fun activities, worksheets and reading warm-ups for grades 6-8.
Printables for Grades 9-12
Enhance your High School Earth Science lessons with our printables. Included are worksheets on human/environment interaction, oceanography activities, printable books and more!
Graphic Organizers
Help students organize their knowledge of Earth Science with our graphic organizers! Included are brainstorming activities, KWL charts and much more!
Test your students' knowledge on earthquakes, weather, hurricanes and other phenomenons with our ready-to-print quizzes.
Our slideshows provide a list of the best printables, activities, reading guides and digital books relating to Earth Science. Our slideshows relate to many things from astronomy activities to geology transparencies.
Bulletin Boards
Decorate your bulletin board to portray your love of Earth Science! Here you will find insect patterns, bulletin board examples and more!
Lesson Plans
Use our lesson plans to help guide your day on insect life cycles, volcanoes, plants, weather and more!
Digital Books
Browse our selection of digital books to increase your and your students' knowledge of Earth Science. Subjects include rain forests, deserts, volcanoes and geology.
Our references on Earth Science include global warming glossaries, weather terms and much more!
Earth Day Activities
April 22 is Earth Day. Use the lessons, printables, and references below to teach your class about our environment and how to preserve our planet.
Art & Earth Science Connected, Grades K-6
Add creativity to your Earth Science lesson by relating it to art! Below you will find art activities relating to pollution, weather, rain forests and more!
Language Arts & Earth Science Connected
Connect Language Arts and Earth Science with our activities below! Use our word searches to enhance vocabulary and our reading warm-ups to introduce lessons.
Math & Earth Science Connected
Teach students the mathematics behind Earth Science with our thermometer activities, word problems, symmetry and more!
Literature Activities for Earth Science Class
Use our activities below to help students write poems, similes, rhymes and more about what they have learned in Earth Science.
Geography Activities for Earth Science Class
Use our Geography activities to teach students about Earth Science around the world.
Plant Resources for Earth Science
Focus on the botany branch of Earth Science with our plant resources! Here you will find activities about pollination, ecology, tree patterns and more!
Ecology Resources for Earth Science
Help students learn more about pollution with our ecology resources! Below you will find word problems, diagrams, recycling advice and more!
Environmental Science Resources
Help students understand how they can help our environment with these Environmental Science resources. Included are worksheets on the Greenhouse Effect, overviews of Environmental Science, posters and more!
Natural Disaster Resources
Natural disasters are a significant part of Earth Science. Help students understand earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and volcanoes with our natural disaster resources.
Geology Activities
Earthquakes, tsunamis, erosions oh, my! Use our geology activities to enhance students' understanding of vocabulary, fossil layers, rock cycles and various other topics!
Seasons Resources
Celebrate the change in seasons with our season resources relating to Earth Science. Here you will find activities about weather, videos about life cycles, worksheets on plants and much, much more!
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