Real-Life Multiplication Word Problems

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Apply multiplication skills to real-life problems. To solve these word problems, students write and solve multiplication problems. Some of the problems in this worksheet involve money.

This worksheet includes several FutureFit Extension Activities that highlight 21st Century skills like critical thinking, service mentality, and creativity. These FutureFit Extension Activities are designed to reinforce the concepts included in the worksheet activity while integrating real-world skills. They can be used as in-class independent practice or group activities, or assigned for take-home or independent work.

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FutureFit Extension Activities


Allow students 5 minutes to use computers or tablets to search internet reference sites for the average cost of 2-3 common “convenience” food or beverage items (i.e. coffee, pizza, bagels, donuts, snacks, etc.) in your area. Students should record the information on paper or in a Google Doc, Word document, etc.

Next, ask students to price out several weekly combinations of these items using the data they gathered. For example, if a pizza is $9.00, a large coffee is $2.70, and a bagel is $1.50, those items purchased during the course of a week would total $13.20.

Back at computers and tablets, give students 5 minutes to search internet reference sites for data on how many meals a $1 donation to a food bank or food pantry in the United States will purchase for children and families in need. Examples include the Greater Boston Food Bank and Feeding America.

Ask students to calculate how many meals could be purchased for the food bank they researched using the weekly data they gathered for their convenience foods. Students should individually calculate the total amount of dollars contributed, and the corresponding number of meals, for weekly, monthly and yearly timeframes. Finally, as a class, total the entire dollar amount and number of meals provided.


Using the worksheet or your own ideas, briefly model the process of writing a real-life multiplication word problem and answer. Then, give students 10 minutes to write 5 real-life multiplication word problems (and the answers). At the end of the 10-minute period, have students exchange their questions with another student, and instruct the class that their homework assignment is to solve the word problems they received!

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