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How much time has elapsed? Students use their understanding of time to track changes in hours or minutes for each word problem in this math worksheet.

This worksheet includes several FutureFit Extension Activities that highlight 21st Century skills like critical thinking, service mentality, and creativity. These FutureFit Extension Activities are designed to reinforce the concepts included in the worksheet activity while integrating real-world skills. They can be used as in-class independent practice or group activities, or assigned for take-home or independent work.

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FutureFit Extension Activities


(10-15 minutes, “Clock Numbers” printable and “Elapsed Time” worksheet):
After students have completed the “Elapsed Time” worksheet and you have gone over the answers as a class, divide the class into groups of three and give each group a set of the “Clock Numbers” cards. Have the groups lay out the cards to resemble a clock. Students should take turns in the various roles: hour hand, minute hand, and controller. The “controller” is responsible for moving the hands show the correct amount of time elapsed on the problems from the worksheet. For example, if the start time is 12:15, the controller will place the hour hand at the 12, and the minute hand at the 3 (they should hold their respective signs so the controller does not get mixed up). Then the controller moves the minute hand around the clock to show how many times it moves to change the hour hand to the correct elapsed time. For instance, if a problem asks for 2 hours and 30 minutes to pass, the controller moves the minute hand 2 whole rotations (hour hand moves to the next number when the minute hand passes by) plus 30 more minutes, so that the hour hand is at 2 and the minute hand is at 9. Students should trade jobs for each problem until the set is complete.


(10-15 minutes, Clock Faces (BLM 38) worksheet, scissors, glue)
Provide student with several copies of the Clock Faces (BLM 38) worksheet. Ask them to make a list of 3-4 activities they do each week and how long the activity lasts. Using the clock faces, have them cut out the correct number of clocks and color them to represent the elapsed time. To show less than an hour, they can shade in the correct number of minutes. For example, if basketball practice is 2 hours and 15 minutes, the student would cut out 3 clocks. The first two clocks will be completely colored in, and the third clock will only show the first 15 minutes colored in. Students can glue them onto a separate sheet of paper and label them with the activity

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