Women's History Month "Who Is..." Scavenger Hunt

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This scavenger hunt activity for elementary and middle school students is perfect for helping your students learn how to celebrate Women's History Month. This activity can be assigned as individual or group work and is a perfect extension activity, early finisher project, or supplement to a unit on social studies, women's suffrage, or International Women's Day.

Students will use various research sources to perform a "scavenger hunt" of interesting facts about famous and "forgotten" women in history. As they find the answers, they will create a slide presentation (digital) or mini-book (printable) documenting their answers. The questions are moderately challenging and require different levels of investigation to find the correct answers. This activity is suitable for grades 3 to 8; tips on differentiation can be found in the teaching instructions.

What's Included:

  • Teaching instructions with notes on research and differentiation for different grade levels;
  • A student worksheet featuring scavenger hunt questions and space to record research notes;
  • A PowerPoint slide template that can be converted to Google Slides, if necessary, plus a printable version of the template for a handout option, if desired;
  • A complete answer key for all questions with additional notes.

Sample Scavenger Hunt Questions:

  • Who in Women's History was the Warrior Queen during her husband’s absence and then sent to a nunnery upon his return?
  • Who in Women's History is considered the ‘first feminist’ and is the mother of a daughter who wrote about monsters?
  • Who in Women's History was a doctor during the Civil War, but was rejected by the Union Army and so she volunteered instead?
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