Top 15 Women's History Month Activities

Celebrate Women's History Month (March) with one or all of our Top 15 Favorite Women's History Month Activities. There are printables, lesson plans, and more resources for you to enjoy with your class. Learn about suffragists, inventors, scientists, writers, and the history of women's rights in America.
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Updated on: January 24, 2008
This Hour of Code lesson from Vidcode will have your students laughing, learning, and celebrating strength, leadership, and the power of conviction. The lesson includes a 35-minute coding challenge and an opportunity for students to share what they've created with others. Kids will learn how to code variables, loops, and conditionals.
A perfect activity for younger children for Women's History Month! Students will create their own book about Susan B. Anthony, a founder and leader of the suffrage movement who was instrumental in earning women the right to vote. Full of facts and information about Susan B. Anthony's life, this activity is a great way to teach younger students about the suffrage movement in the U.S.
Deepen students' understanding of the stories in Amelia to Zora, about 26 women who changed the world, from Amelia Earhart to Zora Neale Hurston, with this printable teacher's guide. Activities include vocabulary building, comprehension questions, and discussion questions on women's history.

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Joanne Simpson, a professor of meteorology, did extensive work on cloud-seeding and conductedexperimental work in hurricane modification. Learn more about her career in science through the biography and related activities included in this printable.

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Encourage students to learn more about Sally Ride and Christa McAuliffe, two astronaut pioneers.

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Sarah Boone patented the ironing board in 1892. In this printable, children read about this famous African-American inventor, and color in the picture. It's a great arts & crafts activity to use during Black History Month (February) or Women's History Month (March).

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Read about the history of women's rights in the United States. This printable warm-up includes a nonfiction passage about women's rights and comprehension questions. Use this history printable to help students master important reading skills.

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Document written by Elizabeth Cady Stanton which was presented at the first U.S. Women's Rights Convention. It is modeled after the language of the Declaration of Independence.

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Teach children about International Women's Day with these activities.

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Read about two accomplished women physicists: Rosalyn Yalow, who explored how isotopes could be used in medicine, and Chien-Shiung Wu, who worked on the Manhattan Project and helped collaborate on a theory to disprove the law ofconservation of parity.

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Enjoy an art project that focuses on overlooked women in history. This lesson plan includes outlines for researching important women and instructions for representing their contributions with drawings. Use this activity to foster student knowledge of the accomplishments of Canadian women.

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Enjoy an art project that introduces students to Women's Suffrage.

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Share the story of Nikki Giovanni with your students, and assign the related activities to help them learn more about this talented poet.

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In this nonfiction printable, students read a short biography on Catherine Bertini and answer reading comprehension questions.

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Girls interview extraordinary women, host a talk show, discuss their talents, and explore careers in this collection of inspirational activities that supplement Extraordinary Girls.

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