Virtual Bulletin Board Ideas for Women's History Month

Teaching remotely, but still want to inspire students with classroom bulletin boards? The month of March is the perfect time to post and feature inspirational quotes from famous women in history! Remote learning expert Amber shares some great ideas for piquing students' curiosity and interest through the use of virtual mixed-media bulletin boards focused on the quotes and stories of visionary women.
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During Women's History Month, impactful and visionary women are celebrated for the accomplishments and inspirations that they spread throughout the world. There are many different opportunities teachers have to teach about these inspiring women; during this distance learning and pandemic time, the need to produce and share these visual aids and teachable moments remotely is especially important. Here are 4 examples of virtual "bulletin boards" that can be done in any remote, hybrid, or in-person classroom for Women’s History Month.

Picture Collages

Create a picture collage of women in history and add it to any classroom website as a cover picture or lesson activity. Students can play the game "Guess Who" to figure out who each woman is in the picture collage. Not only will students have fun playing the game, but they will also have fun learning the history about each woman behind the pictures.

Virtual Bookshelf

Allow students to pick a book that interests them out of a virtual bookshelf online. Curate a selection of books related to women in history at a variety of reading levels and let students choose and read what they like. Some books are free to read or listen to online. Simply add the books on your website with a link that will take the students directly to the stories.

Quotes of the Day

For the month of March, as a journal entry, have students write their personal interpretation of inspirational quotes displayed as a bell-ringer activity at the beginning of a remote learning session. The quotes can be from women who have inspired the world. Quotes can be a great way for students to think on a deeper level and may give them hope and inspiration to do great things in the future.

Virtual Infographics

Teachers and students can create infographics online using a variety of online tools, including the design website Infographics display important information in a highly-visual format. Encourage students to create informational posters or biographies about inspirational women in the form of a timeline or infographic. This not only teaches students new information, but also gives them an opportunity to practice design thinking and information design.

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